Exotic Brazilian Wood Products

FOREX began its activities in 1952, in the south of Brazil, exporting Parana Pine to Argentina, Europe and the United States. Our core business was diversified in 1973, when we added hardwoods to our selection of products and we expanded to the city of Vitoria, Espirito Santo – in the southeast of Brazil.
The 1980's marked the beginning of parquet flooring exports and the construction of our sawmill in Santarem, Para State, in the Amazon region. In addition to investing in new export markets, the company also invested in kilns, flooring machines, wood supplies and human resources. 

Today, FOREX generates more than 300 direct jobs in its agro-industrial complex in Tres Barras, Santa Catarina.foto empresa This unit consists of 1.300 hectares and houses a wood processing center for tropical and pine wood, sawmills and a reforestation program for Pinus Elliotis and Taeda trees. In this facility the company also possesses automated kilns with the capacity to dry 3000 m³ wood per month. And just 100 km (60 miles) from Santarem, on the Fazenda Treviso, the company runs a reforestation project of native species in previously deforested areas. It’s an example of environmental preservation in the heart of the Amazon.

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