Exotic Brazilian Wood Products


Environmental preservation is an economic activity for FOREX. We maintain an area of 1300 hectares in Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil, exclusively dedicated to the reforestation of the Pinus and Eucaliptos species. These planted forests ensure an industrial supply for the sector that produces crates and products composed of Pinus.
All sub-products from the sawing process are used, such as the wood shavings and sawdust, which are used to produce energy.

All of the tropical wood harvested by FOREX and used in its production process comes from forest management projects or from reforestation areas authorized by IBAMA and other authorities. Our selective harvesting is overseen by IBAMA and recognized by organizations involved with environmental preservation. It is a sustainable development practice that ensures the removal of trees in a planned and controlled way, preserving the balance of the ecosystem. This system allows the forest to regenerate naturally, maintaining a healthy environment and the sustainable exploration of natural resources.

  Social responsibility is an ongoing concern for FOREX. At Fazenda Treviso in Santarém, PA, our company built houses, schools and a church for the families that work there, providing the entire community with good living conditions and building and maintaining the roads that are used by the local residents.