Exotic Brazilian Wood Products


In addition to forest management, FOREX participated until December 2003, through its associated company Agropecuária Treviso, in a Brazilian Government project in the National Forest of the Tapajós River, which had the support of several organizations, NGO’s and scientific communities. In this location, on public land, the company was successful in winning a bid to manage 3,400 hectares, of a total of 600,000 hectares. It was the first time in Brazil that such a concession was granted to a private company.
The National Forests (FLONAS), according to IBAMA’S definition, “are areas established to promote the management of natural resources with emphasis on the production of wood and other plant products; guarantee the protection of water resources, the natural environment and historic and archaeological sites; as well as stimulate the development of basic scientific and applied research, environmental education and recreation, leisure and tourism activities”.

To implement this project, “forest inventories, technical, economic and ecological feasibility studies were conducted for forest exploration, management, mapping and research and technological studies of wood and non-wood projects; a database was compiled and a socio-economic survey of the communities of the FLONA area was conducted”. Even a climatic study using NASA technology was conducted. IBAMA also counted on the technical cooperation of Forest Service U.S.A., an organization responsible for the forests of the United States, in addition to INPE, FUNATURA, EMBRAPA, FAO, ITTO, G7 and FCAP.