FOREX is a traditional supplier of pallets and crates to a variety of industries and commercial companies. In our Tres Barras unit, in the Southern state of Santa Catarina, we have a reforestation project of Pinus, which ensures speedy delivery and a guaranteed supply. Our technical staff uses a CAD tool to custom design the pallets and crates to your needs, taking into consideration not only the physical characteristics of your products but also the logistical needs in order to maximize cargo capacity and reduce shipping costs.

FOREX uses kiln-dried wood and is therefore able to offer you high–quality pallets and crates that provide safer handling and presentation of your products as it eliminates wood fungi and mould, as well as speed up the handling and logistics procedures.

With more than 30 years of experience in the cargo shipping and storage market, we guarantee you the best cost-benefit ratio for your products that meets all required safety and reliability standards.

Two-way entry Pallets

With bearers, used for heavy cargo or more heavy-duty use.

Four-way entry Pallets

Easier to handling internally and for the client. Appropriate for both light and heavy cargo, normally used to ship products directly to clients - one-way and for the use with automated crate handling.

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Custom-made crates that will accommodate almost any kind of cargo. Simple or reinforced cover, in pine, fiber board or OSB.

HT Treatment
Tratamento HT

We offer HT ( High Temperature) Certification, in compliance with the international NIMF 15 norm, as mandated by the FAO, that states that all wooden crates shipped to signatory countries are required to undergo fitosanitary treatment.

All crates have an internationally recognized wood mark; this allows the crates to be traced and identified worldwide. Therefore your company does not have to fumigate the merchandise that is destined for export, speeding up customs procedures and reducing export costs.

Pallet Recovery and Reverse Logistics

We can recover used pallets that can still be reutilized. This solution reduces industrial costs and has environmental advantages as it also reduces the number of discarded products in the environment.

We examine the possibility of collecting the pallets from the client, in order to reuse them. This gives your company a competitive edge in environmental preservation and corporate environmental awareness.

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